Our practice has extensive experience with a treatment approach referred to as PAOO, which stands for Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics. With PAOO orthodontic treatment takes 6-10 months instead of 18-24 months.

(Periodontally) Accelerated Orthodontic Osteogenesis is commonly recommended to patients who have inadequate bone volumes around the roots of their teeth. This surgical intervention, at the onset of orthodontics, will usually reduce the treatment time. Such patients are commonly seen every 2-3 weeks instead of the usual 8-12 week appointments. PAOO patients therefore have the same number of visits as a normal orthodontic patient but over a much shorter time. Since the orthodontic fee is usually spread over a longer period, patients will be making monthly payments long after the active phase of treatment is over.

  • Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) is a surgical intervention at the start of orthodontics, which promotes rapid tooth movement by increasing the rate of bone remodelling
  • This procedure is also called Corticotomy Accelerated orthodontics
  • PAOO also provides additional bone in the desired direction of tooth movement and augments areas with insufficient bone
  • This is a rather expensive but excellent surgical procedure which, with good oral hygiene, dramatically speeds up treatment and ensures good bone support for the teeth
  • PAOO is particularly useful in cases where patients have inadequate bone around their teeth
  • Patients requiring PAOO may either have lost bone volume due to periodontal disease or they may have inherited a thin bone volume in the tooth bearing areas of the jaws (thin Biotype)


  • Patients who wish to reduce their treatment time - typically PAOO treatment takes 6-10 months instead of 18-24 months with conventional orthodontics treatment.

  • Patients who have a "Thin Biotype" which means they have insufficient bone around the roots of their teeth.

  • Patient who have had periodontal problems with associated bone loss.

  • Patients who are prone to root resorption or already have some root resorption, who therefore require an accelerated orthodontic treatment to reduce the risk of further root resorption.

for patients with
little bone

paoo makes
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for patients with
root resorPtion



  1. The braces are placed.

  2. The periodontist peels back the gum and makes shallow cuts in the bone around and between the roots of all the teeth. These cuts stimulate Rapid Acceleratory Phenomenon (RAP) which promotes an increased rate of bone metabolism which speeds up tooth movement.

  3. Additional bone matrix material is inserted to ensure a good bone volume around the tooth roots in the direction of required tooth movement.
  4. Two to three weekly orthodontic visits are then necessary to ensure rapid tooth movement and optimum bone development.



  1. Book a consultation and quote with Dr Andreas Siebold

  2. Book an appointment for the PAOO procedure with Dr Siebold

  3. Braces are placed by Dr Hugo within a week or 2 before to the PAOO

  4. Orthodontic adjustments with Dr Hugo every 2-3 weeks for approximately 8-12 months

  5. Debanding (Removal of braces)

  6. Retention appliances are fitted

  7. Observation and monitoring in retention



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