After Treatment

Once your braces have been removed and your teeth are beautifully straight, it is imperative that you wear your retainer. If you don’t, your teeth will almost certainly go skew.



At the first consultation, a time is estimated for the completion of the treatment. Sometimes a patient's response is of such a nature that the teeth move faster than anticipated and results are achieved sooner, in which case the braces can be removed sooner. If treatment does not proceed as anticipated it may take longer and treatment will continue until the teeth have moved into the correct position.

The treatment period also depends on the co-operation of the patient, for example, the non-wearing of elastics, breakages, and missed appointments will result in a longer treatment time. There is no additional fee should the treatment exceed the treatment time, provided we are receiving the required amount of cooperation from the patient. 


After completion of treatment, a retention phase will be necessary. During this time, you must wear your retainer as follows:

  • For the first week: full time, except when eating, drinking and brushing
  • For the second week: afternoons and nights
  • For the first year: sleeping hours at night
  • For the second year: every second night

This retention phase is part of the orthodontic treatment and is important for maintaining the correct position of your teeth once your braces have been removed.

It is very important to keep wearing your retainer as necessary for the rest of your life, especially whenever it feels a bit tight.

Should your retainer break or get lost, please contact us to arrange for a new one to be made.


teeth move at
different rates

cooperation affects treatment time

contact us if you lose your retainer

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